Ibomma Salaar Free Download

Salaar is one of the sensation movies from Indian Film industry in the year 2023. Even though it’s a typical South Indian movie from Tollywood, it’s still garnered heavy response in the Hindi belt. One of the peculiar character about Salaar is that it coincided with the original Bollywood movie Dunki. And we all know who has starred in Dunki. But we will tell you where Salaar free download is available. Some tell that Ibomma provides free download or online viewing of Salar on its website.

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However we recommand to view movies in Theaters, OTT Platforms instead of download the movie form ibomma. Reasons being the picture quality of the ibomma movie is not upto the mark. Now a days everyone is subscribing for OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Aha etc… So its better to stay for a month till the movie is released in OTT if we cannot offered to view the movie in theaters.

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Salaar Free Download In Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada And Tamil

Prabhas and Pruthviraj Sukumaram blocker pan Indian hit will now be available on Jan 26th on Amazon in all 5 Indian languages. Amazon will be streaming Salaar Part1: Cease Fire in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayam languages on January 26th.

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But one should be aware that Salaar streaming is available to only Amazon Prime Customers. One who doesn’t have a regular Amazon Prime Subscription will not be able to download it freely in Amazon app. Mail me ibomma.wtf@gmail.com if you need Amazon Prime Logins, to view the movie. Best part of OTT platforms are we can view same movie N number of times for the same cost of monthly subscription.

Except Netflix where minimum 200Rs per month is the subscription charge for a single device, all other platforms are charging less than 1000Rs per year to view unlimited movies releasing on their platforms. Along with films these platforms are providing Web Series , Documentaries and TV Channels in their platforms. All these are coming in just few hundred per year. Only thing is we have to wait for a month to release in OTT platforms. If we cant wait till one month we can go to theaters only for hit movies and experience the visual effects. These downloaded or online pirated movies are not of good print. We can feel the movie if the movie contains lot of graphics.

Ibomma Salaar Free Download

Prabhas starrer Salaar is available for free download on ibomma website. We all know that ibomma is a pirated website which provides Telugu users with free download of Telugu movies. We do not encourage viewers to downlaod latest movies from websites like ibomma. Reasons for that being, hundreds of crores of rupees have been spending by producers in making the movies and if everyone starts watching pirated movies from such Ibomma websites, producers and film distributors will become bankrupted. Thats the reason we do not encourage viewers to downlaod any kind of movie form online pirated sites like ibomma.

Even though we named the website as ibomma, we want to encourage viewers to not use pirated versions of the movies. As the servers of the websites of ibomma are hosted in foreign countries its highly impossible for indian film industry to ban such websites for steaming of movies on the first of release. Its the primary responsibility of citizens of India to curb piracy.

I would like to conclude that please do not run across pirated websites for the safe of Producers of Film Industry. Otherwise we cannot get such movies of Salaar in the Telugu Industry.

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